Release Date: May 14, 2002
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

It has been awhile since I have so eagerly awaited a new bands release. After witnessing them as openers on last years Family Values tour, Deadsy were new faces in the rock world with every thing on their side. Commencement is a very fresh sound blending everything from 1980’s synth pop to euro goth. Very heavy on concept, Deadsy dare to tread deep in to the realms of their artistic minds to forge a hybrid sound that is at times a little to drab. This is a very well produced album that will surely be over looked by the mass’s of corporate mall buying America but that is also what will make Commencement a great treat for your cd collection.

If you at all enjoy the likes of bands such as Sisters of Mercy, Duran Duran, and Gary Numan then this is a great purchase. Where bands such as Korn and Orgy touch on synth sounds, Deadsy dive deep into the electronic world to leave the listeners ears melting with heavy programmed structures not heard in the world of hard rock these days. With songs like “The Key To Gramercy Park” and “She Likes Big Words” Deadsy rock as hard as any other band.

As for the other titles, these synth rockers seem to loose their steam and turn to hypnotic electro beats to pull the listener into their twisted pop art world. I found Commencement to be quit relaxing after a few listens but not all that I had hoped for.

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