Release Date: July 16, 2002
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

There is a very ironic trait this CD possesses. The internet and the file swapping services that the RIAA loathe so much, is the main reason why this CD was released. Busted Stuff is a reworked version of “The Lillywhite Sessions”, a CD by Dave Matthews that was never released due to being a disappointment to the band. After the band decided not to produce the CD, it ended up all over the internet just a short time afterwards. Fans of Dave were incredibly surprised, and incredibly pissed at the same time. Why wasn’t this masterpiece being released? Although the tracks lacked the finesse of a fully mastered CD, the musical content left the listener awestruck. If this CD is a “disappointment”, then there should be no reason to listen to 95% of the music currently released.

Dave then decided to make his fans happy and finally released Busted Stuff to the world. Busted Stuff has a darker atmosphere to it then Dave’s previous album Everyday. Songs like “Bartender” and “Grace Is Gone” hit you right in the heart and suck you in. The stories told through the lyrics are very easy to connect with through your own experiences. The beautiful melodies inside are brought out by the seamless combination of saxophone, strings, and talent. Very intimate, acoustically driven, and anyone can appreciate the music, not just a certain crowd. It became very easy for me to see why these guys are amongst the best in the business.

The only bad thing I can point out about the CD is the time it took to finally get released. A must buy for anyone looking for a classic chillout album.

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