Creed – Weathered

Release Date: November 20, 2001
Reviewed by Chris Schwegler

Creed brings you there junior album “Weathered” and let me tell you they are far from weathered. You say how can they top two huge albums, well they have done it with “Weathered”. From front to back, track one to eleven, this album is awesome!!

You will be surprised on how Creed can bring you the heavy rock’n’roll then great ballads. From the start “Bullets” hits you in the face with heavy rock and great lyrics and it doesn’t stop from there. They lift you to another level when they bring the house down with “Freedom Fighter”, another amazing track. I thought Creed could never match the heavy rock from their first album. I don’t think anyone thought they would bring it back, but they have. The first half of this album is pure godly. I know this sounds like im praising Creed up and down, but this will be album of the year no doubt.

Towards the end of the album they break out probably the three best songs on this album, “Weathered”, “Hide”, and “Don’t Stop Dancing”.

“Weathered” is a complete package when it comes to a serious rock song. I has all the classic elements, slow beginning that builds up to a great chorus that totally rocks out. This one will be probably the highlight radio song for the album, in my opinion.

As for “Hide” and “Don’t Stop Dancing”, there two songs are great chick-ballards. Very tight lyrics with some great guitar. Always makes a great chick song because “there is no reason to hide”.



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