Crackjaw – Giants From The Stereo

Release Date: May 16, 2006
Reviewed by Andy Seabright

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the Detroit music scene it’s that most of it is garbage. A lot of the bands are cheap copycats of whatever’s the hip trend to follow these days. Either that or there’s a handful of bands whose sound are eight years behind on trends and they’re pretty much a joke and a punch line all on their own. But within the legions of disposable reverberations that emulate the streets of Detroit and its neighboring suburbs, there is what we would call a natural diamond in the rough.

Crackjaw have been kicking asses and taking names throughout the Detroit local music scene for years. It wasn’t until 2005 when they released their full-length “Giants From the Stereo” that everyone decided to take serious notice. In 2006 the band inked a deal with I-Scream Records (Agnostic Front, Blood For Blood) helping to further distribute and promote said album.

“Giants From the Stereo” open with an outlandish scream, with the instruments dishing out punch-in-the-gut feels to accompany it. The first song progresses from a dynamic opening to catchy verses and chorus, which definitely breathe a lot of life into it. The album one after another is an attack on the ears, with each tune having potential to be a personal favorite. The album is heavy, but at the same time, has the appeal to hook a mainstream audience.

The one thing that is hard for me to explain about this band though is their style. How to describe them to someone who’s never heard them before, although I can’t make exact comparisons, they’d be the kind of band you’d like if you’re into Refused, Hotwire, and maybe even a pinch of Taking Back Sunday. But are these guys in any way, shape, or form emo? No, they’re far from it actually.

Overall “Giants From the Stereo” has the balls to dish out some hard-hitting rock without sounding cheesy or overdone. These boys from Southgate prove that there’s no stopping them at this point and that they’re going to take on the world one set of headphones at a time. Not to mention that this is an album that both you and your girlfriend could agree on in the car.


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