Release Date: November 21, 2005
Reviewed by Vincent Cherubino

Most likely one of the best albums this year that will probably stay under the radar. Burst does everything right in their follow up to “Prey on Life”.

Burst transcends traditional metalcore structure and aims for depth, brought upon by mixtures of clean acoustics, harrowing distortion, psychedelic tonality, and tinges of melody. A mix of thrash metal, hardcore, death metal, sludge, and metalcore maintains the majority of the mix, which although might sound like too many genres to incorporate smoothly, Burst manages to mold them all together without any complications.

The songs “Immateria”, “Homebound”, “Sever”, and “Flight’s End” are songs with softer passages that provide the perfect setup to an assault of violence by building up a slow momentum before they unleash with all out rage. As haunting as they are beautiful, these tracks will leave a mark on your psyche, and will also leave the CD in your playlist for quite some time.

Between drastic yet fluid tempo changes, a Pink Floyd-esque instrumental (It Comes into View”), and a cohesion among varying tracks, Burst has an unmistakable unique sound of their own that doesn’t get boring. Burst caters to fans of progressive metal monsters such as Opeth, Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Isis, and Swallow the Sun, yet also shares some technical similarities to Meshuggah.

Any fan of metal should give the album a listen, it’s well worth it. Burst deserves some recognition amongst the top metal acts out there.

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