Released: September 25, 2001
Reviewed by Chris Schwegler

When I heard this band, it sounded so familiar. Then i noticed they looked like a band i have seen live. The name was Broken, but now they had to change their name to Breaking Point. Very weird and shows how small the world really is.

4 white collar looking guys from Tennessee can jam. These guys have a classic rock’n’roll sound to them with alittle alternative side. They can play the hard rock sound then go right into a pop/rock sound for the ladies. With powerful ballards like ‘Coming of Age’, ’27’, and the sleeper on the album ‘Live for Today’, then going into hardrock jam such as ‘Brother’ w/ Josey Scott of Saliva makes Breaking Point an overall band that show they can do both end of the spectrum. There downfall of these guys are there are bands out that have the similiar sound such as Creed (label brothers), Flybanger, 3 Doors Down, and a heavier Better Than Ezra. I would have given this CD alittle higher rating but this sound isnt anything special, just a good rock’n’roll album. If you want a good CD to listen in the car, this is it.

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