Release Date: April 1, 2003
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

After waiting endless months for the album to come out after the Live for Today EP was released, Tomorrow Comes Today is finally here, and it was absolutely worth the wait.

While Tomorrow Come Today represents their most intensively worked on album to date, you can hear the maturing sound that Gray, Latshaw, guitarist Chad Istvan, drummer Matt Krupanski, and bassist Rob Avery have developed through their relentless experimentation and touring. This isn’t your standard MTV pop punk variation of music, each song has vibrant and aggressive melodies combined with catchy choruses and engaging lyrics. Somewhat labeled as Hardcore before, BSF have a clear Punk/Hard Rock sound on this album. Although it is not always as heavy as previous BSF albums, in no way at all has this band become a “sell-out” band, catering to a mainstream audience. The songs on Tomorrow Come Today take on issues such as post-9/11 militarism (“Release the Dogs”), hypocritical religion (“Bathory’s Sainthood”), and spousal abuse (“White Wedding Dress”). Each of these issues are presented in an in your face/no holding back fashion, which could cause some controversy, but what doesn’t nowadays? Each song packs enough punch to send a crowd into a craze. “Eviction Article” is a good example demonstrating the power they possess. The breakdown in it is pure genius.

As heard on the previous EP, Bathory’s Sainthood, Handful of Redemption, and Release the Dogs are excellent tracks as well. In some ways, the album would have had a much greater impact upon the listener if the EP tracks were unavailable until now. Just like peeking at a present before Christmas, it somewhat spoiled part of the CD, and diluted the experience.

There isn’t a single track on the album that doesn’t satisfy the listener; despite the fact some could say it gets somewhat repetitive. The album is incredible, a must have for just about anyone.

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