Release Date: January 23, 2001
Reviewed by Chris Schwegler

When I think of Boy Hits Car, the first words that come to me is edgy and emotional. Straight out of the block, this CD will hit you hard. “The Rebirth”, the first track of the CD, has an amazing tempo and aggression that will take you places you have never dreamed about in music.

The pure sense of artistry in there music is awesome. “I’m A Cloud” the first single will tear you apart with energy and breathe taking vocals. It starts out slow with soft vocals, then explodes to full aggression. I haven’t heard this kind of intensity in music since Rage Against the Machine, just purely marvelous. The energy they bring withstands the whole CD. From the title track to the end, make sure you don’t under estimate the second half of the CD with songs such as “Unheard” and “Turning Inward”. These two songs are sleepers on the CD, but my favorite.

Definitely get this CD if you are in the mood for some good aggression rock and total energy.

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