Release Date: June 23, 2009
Reviewed by Evelyn Miska

Blind Pilot will probably be a band that most people haven’t heard of, but for those newcomers, you should feel bad for the time you’ve lost. Originating from Portland, the band is an amalgamation of folk and college indie-rock. 3 Rounds and a Sound is the band’s debut album and full of some beautiful tracks that are hard to stop listening to. Singer and guitarist Israel Nebeker’s vocals are gentle and come across as sincere. Drummer Ryan Dobrowski has found the perfect balance to accompany the tunes without becoming overwhelming or out of place.

Opening with “Oviedo,” listeners immediately get a sense of what the rest of the album has to offer. The track is has a bittersweet element to it without becoming silly and the easy-going tempo makes it a good opener and introduction. “The Story I Heard” has may remind some listeners vaguely of certain Beatles tracks and though slightly faster in tempo than “Oviedo,” the track complements the rest of the album perfectly.

“One Red Thread” might give the wrong impression as it begins with it’s rather melancholy and slow beginning. While the song maintains some aspects of that melancholy with the minor key on the verses, the shifts in tempo and phrasing as the song progresses makes for an intriguing mix and extremely interesting song. “Two Towns From Me” relies a little more on some of the band’s folk influences but stays true to Blind Pilot’s own sound and intimate approach.

Not once does the album feel as if it is dipping into the dangerous territory of overproduction or insincerity, something that might be difficult for many albums to avoid. 3 Rounds and a Sound is an excellent album overall and likely to make a splash in the college and indie music scene.

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