Release Date: September 18, 2007
Reviewed by Andy Seabright

Between the Buried and Me are a very unique group of people. They started out doing a standard progressive metal/metalcore style and over the years they’ve progressed into this astonishing collaboration of musicians, building and refining their sound into something that is completely on a higher level.

With previous masterworks such as The Silent Circus and Alaska, it was easy to see that each record they put out will be better than the last, but extremely difficult to predict which direction Between the Buried and Me would go. Alaska on it’s own was an incredible album with endless twists and turns. It’s 2007 now, enter: Colors.

There are a vast amount of words in the English language and yet I can’t seem to find the right words to express how enthralled I am about this album. The musicianship far surpasses anything they have ever done before. Colors is a little under 65 minutes of pure, solid progressive metal, and not just metal, a little of everything under the sun. Jazz, soft rock, and dare I say? Country?! Between the Buried and Me definitely touch on all shades of the color spectrum (and yes, there was a pun intended there).

Colors’ seven tracks (eight if you count the first song divided into two separate pieces) segue perfectly together as if the entire album is one long piece. Not only that but a portion of the album’s songs clock in at over 10 minutes, which ads to the epic feeling of the album. Also included into the songs are different lyrical concepts for each, including self-realization and appreciation for life as told with a more creative and intriguing storyline than I just did.

The album presents vast soundscapes that will make you easily lose track of time with their impressive guitar noodling, complex drumming, and slick bass lines, as well as captivating keyboards and vocals that will leave the listening coming back again and again for more and more. Hell, this album is phenomenal and could even give bands like Dream Theater a run for their money. Between the Buried and Me have outdone themselves and it’s exciting to imagine what they’ll come up with years down the line.

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