Release Date: September 6, 2005
Reviewed by Nate Michayluk

If you’re a diehard metal fan and you’re sick of all the so called hardcore music, the new album, Alaska, from Between the Buried and Me is for you. Alaska shows the world that true metal is not yet dead. If you are a fan of Dillinger Escape Plan or The Black Dahlia Murder, Between the Buried and Me should fit nicely into your CD case.

The amazing guitar riffs from Paul Waggoner and Dusty Waring, are second to none, with chugs and blast beats that cannot be matched. Throw in some sick bass lines from Dan Briggs and beats produced by Blake Richardson, who by the way probably has the fasted double bass to date, and you have an amazing lineup of musicians. Then to top it all off the almost delirious voice of Tommy Rogers who also plays keys. This band will never stop rocking.

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