Release Date: August 23, 2005
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

If you thought 80’s rock was buried deep underground well you better think again dirt merchants. Beautiful Creatures have captured all the gritty dirty rocking sounds of hair metal on their most recent release Deuce that all of you have been craving. This group of sleazy rockers have added a modern driving sound that some how works very well to say the least with their easily obvious love for more traditional L.A. rock vibe.

Tracks like “Anyone” and “Superfly” are nicotine induced hard driving guitar rock that breaths fresh air into a brand of rock n roll that has long become a mockery of itself to say the least. Taking great influences from 80’s power rock acts like L.A. Gun and Bang Tango to name just a few Beautiful Creatures have captured the raw dirty edge of the past and rightfully added a whole new modern tinge that will help carry on this type of metal to the kids of today if marketed right.

Not to say Deuce is the torch to re-ignite the fire of trash rock but Beautiful Creatures seem to have something going on that just might be needed today in metal.

If you are at all a fan of some of the more hard metal edged late 80’s L.A. rock scene acts then Deuce is surly going to give you what you are in search of. With the popularity of Motley Crue some how growing as well what better time then now for an artists of this caliber to reap the rewards that just might come their way if they play all their cards right.

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