Release Date: May 11, 2010
Reviewed by Mirak Habbiyyieh

Back for their fifth album, Tim Lambesis, Phil Sgrosso, Josh Gilbert Nick Hipa and Jordan Mancino did not disappoint fans even after a three-year gap since their last release.  The Powerless Rise nicely picks up where An Ocean Between Us left off, but with more of the confidence that Shadows Are Security gave us.

The Powerless Rise starts right off the bat, in your face.  Blasting drums, heavy vocals, crunchy riffs and solos, make “Beyond Our Suffering” a great way to start and set the pace for the rest of the album.  Anodyne Sea is the stand out song for me, with great melodic vocals, mixed with incredible chugging riffs, and double bass that will make your chest pound.  Each track thereafter follows suit with great enthusiasm.

Adam Dutkiewicz produced The Powerless Rise.  Adam D being a musician as well as a producer definitely brings some interesting ideas to As I Lay Dying’s writing/recording process.  Adam D has known As I Lay Dying for a while and knows what the guys are capable of, and pushes them to reach that new level.

As I Lay Dying doesn’t disappoint with The Powerless Rise.  This is a great representation of how far they’ve come along in their career. If you’re a fan of their previous albums, you’ll be jamming this album for quite some time.  If you’re new to As I Lay Dying, enjoy because The Powerless Rise is a great introduction into their world.

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