Release Date: July 1, 2003
Reviewed by Rob Brode

AM radio has put out a pretty good record. What singer Kevin Ridel and boys have done is lay out thirteen very infectious pop-bordering-on-rock-songs. Think emo with a hint of grunge.

Radioactive takes off with the foot tapping “If this is the End of the World”, a song about (surprise) a break-up, which sets the pace for the entire album. What’s cool is that that AM radio hasn’t created a homogenous album, each of their song is upbeat but distinctly different. They’ve got a jazzy type drum sound, clean guitar riffs, and some sweet guitar solos like the one in I just Want to be Loved. What’s more is Ridel has an ideal semi whinny voice to match up on vocals.

The boys stick to basic anthems and keep it simple enough to enjoy the record with out sounding too grunge. I know emo is played out but how can you accuse a band who opens song’s crying “lets go” as being too depressed?

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