Release Date: August 22, 2006
Reviewed by Andy Seabright

Canada’s post-hardcore quintet, Alexisonfire (pronounced Alexis on fire) returns to the scene with their 3rd full length album entitled “Crisis”. Alexisonfire formed in 2001 and quickly gained attention with their selftitled debut, and their success snowballed with the 2004 follow up “Watch Out!”. Now fans get to sink their teeth into another morsel from the band.

Alexisonfire really capture the essanse of the whole post-hardcore style that bands like Boysetsfire helped popularize. I really have to say that I’m impressed with the writing for this album. It’s not overdone, it’s not sappy, it’s really solid record, period. The mood of it is overall just good. The melodies are captured well, the percussions are perfect as is. Because we all know that some drummers like the take it to extremes and end up creating bigger flaws than before and making it not fit with the rest of the music. It’s heavy when it can be and soft when it needs to.

I can truly say that it’s pretty good for what it is. Plus the artwork for it is pretty cool too. I give Alexisonfire kudos for making a record that well, doesn’t suck. And I give the album itself a four out of five.

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