Release Date: May 13, 2008
Reviewed by Maureen Vana

Aletheian’s Dying Vine takes listeners on a tech heavy path through the darkest depths of Scandinavia to the vast reaches of outer space. This Pennsylvanian quartet mixes death inspired vocals with math rock, resulting in a sound similar to Between the Buried an Me if Shagrath was on the mic. The thick and chunky sound is molded by intricate pacing and highlighted with melodic solos which gives Aletheian an identity of their own.

Many albums that toe the math rock line fall victim to stuffy eight minute plus tracks that are hard to digest.  Aletheian keeps their techy riffs and tempos to under five minutes while coating it with vocals that make Dying Vine easy to swallow.  Songs like “Out From The Shadows”, “Open Grave”, and “Call To Arms” prove this recipe a success.
The group focuses on the heart of each track by wasting no time with unnecessary showboating such as lengthy intros. Speeding solos and wild breakdowns offset the slow, hypnotic rhythm of the album keeping listeners from dozing off under it’s spell. Aside from random background chanting and “How Could I” as a disappointing note to end on, Dying Vine weaves a musical web fun to follow and gutsy enough blast at full volume.

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