Release Date: January 2, 2006
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Versatile would be such an understatement when describing the new release from Agents of Man. With only a few seconds into the first track I almost disregard these metal merchants as yet another metal core rip off. Lucky for me I kept my dirty little ears on the speakers and to much surprise these guys really have much more to offer.

This New Jersey quintet easily has all their metal chops in tune and can lay waste to oh so many bands flooding the market today. Where many acts tend to pound the listener relentlessly with 3 chord chug rock and anger laden unconvincing angst Agents of Man prove that they are a large notch above the rest. Mixing a variety of styles including Euro metal, Metal Core and traditional metal this Jersey export may have just upped the ante for other bands of this nature. Where most new acts seem to fall way short on quality when it come to releasing a full album Agents of Man use their lengthy recording time as a easy way to show how talented they really are. No fashion metal here, just pure in your face metal that’s not afraid to wonder out side the box.
More then just a few good tracks “Count Your Blessing” offers a release chocked full of forged metal done the way it was meant to be, heavy. Playing such a diverse mixture Agents of Man are not scared to explore vocally as well giving this release a sound that varies from tract to track.

If your getting tired of the same old re-hash of what’s so-called cool but still desire a hard edge metallic sound please check this awesome release out, you wont be sorry.

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