Release Date: September 13, 2005
Reviewed by Andy Seabright

Most will know this band from that one TV show Battle for Ozzfest. Others might know them as the new band of that one guy who used to be in Unloco. The rest know them as a pure energetic fury. A Dozen Furies have only been around for about 2 years now and already they’ve carved a niche in the hard rock, metal society.

Their first full length ‘A Concept From Fire’, a follow up to their independent 2004 EP release ‘Rip the Stars Down’, presents a ferocious pounding of guitars, drum and bass, along with vocals that buoyantly jump from bellicose to melodic. The album opens with soft piano and fades into a dueling guitar harmony immediately followed by a one after another assault of hard hitting tunes.

Throughout the album you’ll find, profound breakdowns and unique guitar styling that their home state of Texas is notorious for. With the album ending with another delicate tune once again involving some piano work. Most of the songs on the other hand tend to be short and to the point leaving the album to end a bit too soon. Other than that, A Dozen Furies prove to everyone that they got what it takes to play some overall good rock music. A real undervalued astounding metal band.

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