Released: May 4, 2004
Reviewed by Scott Olivenbaum

Wind Up Records has done a nice job collecting a stable of hard rock acts that are solid, if mediocre. From 12 Stones to Seether to Finger 11 (and, of course, Creed), Wind Up’s bands know how to rock and Atomship is no exception.

Lead singer Joey Culver sounds a lot like Dave Draiman from Disturbed minus the wa-ca-ca-cas. Nathan Slade keeps things simple on guitar, primarily using the typical distorted thick chords prevalent in rock today. He does occasionally dip into the quick chugs of death metal or flips the script to pick up an acoustic guitar to accentuate Culver’s vocals. The star of this trio (yes, it is a trio, no bassist), is drummer Chad Kent. The skinsman uses his full kit (unlike many drummers in bands of this ilk) and mixes time signatures regularly – managing to segue cleanly between them. While his play is mighty impressive, the eight minute drum solo included on this release may be a bit much. Its one thing for a drummer to just go off at a show while the band takes a break, but it’s another to record it – nine out of 10 rock fans hit the power switch.

Outside of the inane solo, there are a few songs on Crash of ’47 worth spinning. “Withered” is a laid back rock ballad, while “Mothra” could easily been taken off of a Disturbed release. Several of the other songs are listenable, but a minute or two too long with slow build-ups and not enough of a climax (“Agent Orange” and “Aliens”). There just aren’t enough quality hooks in the songs to make them stand out from the rock rank and file.

Atomship fits firmly within the genre that is modern hard rock but unless the newest track by Nickleback or Default aren’t doing it for you, this is one Crash you should avoid.

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